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Tracking wars and wine with Google Books

I’m sure you’ve seen Google Books, where you can search millions of books from libraries and publishers worldwide, and if the book is out of copyright you can download it.

According to About Google Books, it all began because Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin “envisioned people everywhere being able to search through all of the world’s books to find the ones they’re looking for.”

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Seasonal gifts from that internet

Festive goodies from YouTube including the obligatory cat video.

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Writing the web: everyone’s an author

Remember when computer boffins were the only people who could put stuff on the internet? It actually wasn’t that long ago! Then there was the moment – called Web 2.0 – when the internet started to change from just being a place for people who knew the technical stuff to becoming a place where everyone could publish.

And now there’s simply no stopping us. We comment on news and blogs, we review products, books, films, food and hotels and run our own Facebook and Twitter pages.
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