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Tracking wars and wine with Google Books

I’m sure you’ve seen Google Books, where you can search millions of books from libraries and publishers worldwide, and if the book is out of copyright you can download it.

According to About Google Books, it all began because Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin “envisioned people everywhere being able to search through all of the world’s books to find the ones they’re looking for.”

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Step back in time

Do you feel you’re not wasting enough time on the internet? Welcome to the Wayback Machine!

Simply pop in the web address of a website (almost any website)  and you’re suddenly in the early days of the internet.

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Publish with passion and politeness

“Would I want God to read this?” is one of the helpful hints given in the social media advice provided by the Church of England’s diocese of Bath and Wells.

That’s definitely a handy question to keep in mind. But a better question is, “Why would she bother to read it?”.

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