I’ll help you sort out your digital strategy and work out how to get started.

I’ll help you decide what kind of online presence you need to achieve your goals and what’s manageable for you and your organisation.

Here’s what I can do for you.


I’ll make your website better by:

  • helping you identify the content you need for the impact you want to make.
  • helping you work out the best structure for your website
  • auditing existing sites
  • analysing usage stats to see what’s working and what’s not
  • recommending improvements.

I’ll develop content for you, and with you, by:

  • supporting your content review process – deciding what’s good, what needs work  and what needs to be thrown away
  • working with you and your staff to develop good content that will last.

Though I work mainly with words, I’ll suggest when images, infographics or video would make the most impact.

I’ll help you build and publish the website by:

  • working with the content management system you use – I have experience of lots of different systems
  • creating a compact WordPress website that you can easily update and manage
  • connecting you with a small team of creative web designers and developers who can give your site  a unique look and sophisticated functionality.

Content needs to be looked after or it wilts and dies. I can provide on-going support and maintenance.

Social media content and campaigns

I can help you develop a social media campaign.

I will:

  • come up with ideas
  • do the research into hashtags and handles
  • create the content
  • schedule and publish the content.

Training, tips and tools

You and your employees might be responsible for creating content but may feel you don’t have the right skills for that job.

I have years of experience in helping people develop the necessary skills in:

  • writing for the web
  • using social media for their organisation

I’ll create a bespoke training course adapted to your organisation’s needs.